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Announcement EQOS on the postponement of the trials

On 24.09.2021, the discussion of two of the three lawsuits filed by ONEX against the Environmental Quality Observatory of Syros and its members, claiming compensation for a total amount of more than 3.000.000 €, was scheduled.

Contrary to what has been published in some local media, the lawyers for both sides had jointly decided to request a postponement in order to discuss all three lawsuits in December.

The formal adjournment procedure was accompanied by a noisy fiesta of division – in the name, of course, of “harmonious coexistence” and respect for the “sacred right to speech” – by the exponents of “SHUT UP!”, who, while knowing that the lawsuits would not be discussed, saw it as an opportunity to stage an event of “indignation”, to continue to insult and slander those being sued by their company-employer. And this, in the name of defending the right to work. Of course, they themselves did not bother to explain to us, why the compliance with the legislation and the terms of operation of the Shipyard – the confirmation of which we ask the competent authorities – implies the closure of the company and the loss of their jobs and their wages. Unless they want to declare that the operation of the Shipyard is impossible, if the current conditions for the protection of public health and the natural environment are observed.

We stand by the workers who anguish over their jobs and who are certainly aware that they are the first to put their health at serious risk if the applicable conditions are not met. At the same time, however, we stand by the entire Syros society – of which we are members – who anguish over the protection of the public health and the natural environment in which it lives, works and raises its children. And we demand that the authorities exercise the lawful actions and confirm to us that environmental legislation is respected and that the famous study on heavy metals, which is always announced and always postponed, will finally take place.

As long as the Authorities stall, they take responsibility for reinforcing the division.

Intimidation, threats, insults, lies, attempts to identify us with “dark interests”, which are never named, and communication fiestas are not conducive to harmonious coexistence. A precondition for peaceful coexistence is the – real and not in words – respect for the right to express one’s opinion.

The systematic ignoring or even distortion of the positions and actions of the Observatory by some of the local media cannot conceal what everyone knows, nor does it prevent those who are truly interested in the harmonious coexistence and well-being of all of us, from fighting with us so that the laws on our island are enforced.

The Board of Directors of the EQOS