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New Extrajudicial Document by ONEX

A new Extrajudicial Document was sent on 10-03-2021 by the companies ONEX GREEK SYROS SHIPYARDS LIMITED COMPANY and ONEX NEORION SHIPYARDS LIMITED COMPANY against the Observatory, as well as personally against a member of the association for giving a radio interview on the First Programme of the Greek Radio, regarding the lawsuit of the companies against EQOS of 24/02/2021, in which they claim € 1,000,000 as compensation for defamation, non-pecuniary damage and lost profits.

In the new Extrajudicial Document , the companies state that they will seek our exemplary punishment if we do not revoke the content of the above cited interview by Friday 12-03-2021. The attempt to silence and terrorize anyone who touches on the issues of pollution and the operation of a heavy industry at the heart of the urban fabric of Ermoupolis is obvious. Also obvious is the nonexistence of the institutional actors responsible for proving to citizens that the industry operates under the provisions of environmental (and not only) legislation, instead of requiring that citizens prove that the industry is polluting, as the Mayor of Syros -Ermoupolis did in a recent interview.

All the institutional and political bodies of the place are responsible for this downstream in public discourse, in an atmosphere of blackmail, threats, disgrace and the will to eliminate judiciary rights of active citizens. The omertà  and the paints float in a common view on the port of the city at a time when “known / unknown identity” boats are stirring the waters to eliminate all traces, with the authorities pretending they do not see and the local media censoring any voice the company does not like, even if that voice is a concern for the national media but also for the Parliament.

Citizens may be trapped in their homes because of the pandemic, but they will not succumb to “SΗUT UP”, they will not be silenced by threats, nor will they remain uninvolved in the face of intimidation, extrajudicial and litigation industries. We will continue to worry about the deafening noise and toxic cloud of the “development” that covers the city. We will continue to criticize the authorities’` silence, seeking answers, as we have a right and an obligation to do as citizens. We will continue to call for the implementation of environmental protection laws and public health even if some people are bothered.

Link for the new Extrajudicial Document:

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