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Νew extrajudicial document No. 5 from ONEX and out-of-court response of the Observatory

A new extrajudicial document (the 5th) notified us of one of the two (!) ONEX on 07.07.2021, on the occasion of the publication of the written report we submitted to the authorities on 29.06.2021 regarding the accumulation of toxic sandblasting waste in an OPEN area of the yard in violation of its operating license. With this out-of-court settlement, the company again tries to intimidate us, distorting the reality and demands in an authoritarian way to recall (with a ready text that indicates to us), otherwise, we risk suffering the consequences.

In this extrajudicial document the company claims that the waste was found in the open “a few hours before its transfer to the ship PERLITE” on 30-6-2021 while from the photos we have submitted it appears that it was there for at least 3 days, exposed and in violation of their storage and management regulations. The company avoids referring specifically to its obligations, which it vaguely states that it fulfills, while at the same time baptizing our inalienable right to appeal to the authorities as a regular tactic of its defamation. It is important to point out, of course, that the company that notified us of the out-of-court settlement IS NOT THE ONE that holds the license of the shipyard and which is obliged to comply with the environmental conditions and is checked for it.

Once again, from the company’s side, the myth that the E.Q.O.S. wants “to close the shipyard” is reproduced, trying to create social division, failing to explain HOW EXACTLY THE COMPLIANCE WITH THE TERMS OF OPERATION LEADS TO THE CLOSING OF THE SHIPYARD, continuing the absurdity the company started, while considering all of us as enemies with selfish motives.

The E.Q.O.S. responded extrajudicially to the slanders and distortions that the company is attempting and will not stop stating the obvious, that is, the observance of the operating conditions of the industry is the obligation of the company and that the authorities must check its compliance. Citizens have a right and a duty to report these incidents to the authorities with the sole purpose of protecting the environment and the health of residents, including industry workers who are most at risk. Everything else that is reproduced is a slander of our intentions and is combined with an attempt at judicial extermination (SLAPP) which simply demands the observance of legality in our country and with a systematic insult to the personality and reputation of the members of the E.Q.O.S.

We are sad to see that the company has chosen this path and therefore we are obliged to respond in public and in the courts for the obvious, that is the observance of environmental conditions and the control by the authorities. Attached links for the company’s extrajudicial document and our out-of-court response.