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Cleaning the path to the Ferekidis cave

Dear members,

As you already know, the Board of EQOS has decided to do symbolic voluntary actions to clean the hills and beaches, the island from plastic and other rubbish.

After our successful action in the areas of Panachrantos, Pelekania and Anastasi, we are ready for the second action, this time with a much greater degree of difficulty and even greater importance.

We will try to clean, as much as possible, the area around the path that leads to the cave of Ferekidis, starting from Richopos. As many of you may already know in this area, just above the landfill, there is an unprecedented destruction of the environment, since the garbage that every citizen takes care to throw in the garbage cans to end up in the landfill… these, due to air but also obviously due to poor or incomplete operation / management of the landfill based on the specificity of the weather conditions prevailing in the Cyclades, these garbage of ours ends up with the wind in the hills and consequently in the food chain with a direct risk to our own health and our children.

The size of the accumulated garbage in the hills of Apano Meria is inconceivable for the common mind, inconceivable for a civilized society and apart from the environmental degradation it is also a direct slander for our island. But that doesn’t mean that this can not change! So we start with the symbolic voluntary cleaning of this garbage, in collaboration with the Municipality of Syros Ermoupolis.

We have already invited other clubs to strengthen our action.

The aim of this action is of course the cleaning of the areas but also the highlighting of a very important problem that our island faces and concerns the operation of the landfill. The ultimate goal of this action is to ask the Municipality of Syros Ermoupolis to take serious decisions in order to eliminate such phenomena and why not to submit proposals on the subject.

As in the previous case, there is a group of EQOS members who oversee and organize the whole process and who will help by giving various instructions during the action.

The Board has also requested in writing, the assistance of the Municipality in order to supply us with large garbage bags but also to coordinate its services for the collection of garbage that we will collect.

We already have at our disposal 3 volunteer photographers who will capture our action, either by videotaping or taking photos (there will also be a drone) so that we have them archived in the forum and on our website. And in this action, of course, we want to collect the volume of waste in one place and photograph it to capture the extent of environmental pollution.

Closing, we will need one or two volunteers who will help regulate the parking of vehicles as the road is narrow and we do not want to obstruct the passage of vehicles of the Municipality.

  1. We gather on Sunday 27/06/2021 no later than 9:00 in Richopo. Of course we inform any members who are disabled at that time that they will also be useful if they come later.
  1. We wear thick gloves and clothes suitable for walking on a mountain with thorns, we bring a tool that can be useful in collecting garbage between thorns.
  1. We bring the hermit crab with our water, we wear a hat, sunscreen and of course masks!
  1. It is also very important that those who come by car not only use it for one or two people but also to consult with others so that as few vehicles as possible come.


On behalf of the Board of EQOS

PS: There will be an open call through the local media, as well as an open event from the club’s facebook page where we can invite friends.

Following are indicative photos from the area.